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juillet 1, 2024

Introducing, Spartan Trail Map: Your guide to trail running. Tips, tricks, and resources for new and experienced runners.

décembre 12, 2023

The final day is here! The last challenge has arrived! For this ultimate day, the key is to learn to run at night.

décembre 11, 2023

Second-to-last challenge. Today, we’re running faster than usual with 5 kilometers at a 10k pace.

décembre 10, 2023

We continue, day by day, moving forward with the goal of training to fulfill the dream of running your first race.

décembre 9, 2023

For once, let’s return to the road, that place where many (almost all) of us began running.

décembre 8, 2023

Another day, and we’re continuing this journey together. This time, it’s 5 kilometers in the evening to further acclimate your body to different times of the day.

décembre 7, 2023

We’re moving forward with this process we call a challenge, aiming to inspire and encourage you to run your first trail race. For today, the plan suggests running an agile 5k, as if you were running a 21k race. The focus is on speed, but that doesn’t mean you have to run at a frenetic pace. The idea is for you to run faster than your usual pace, unlocking a new level of your capabilities.

After you finish, don’t forget to tell us how it went and how you felt. Share your experience!




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décembre 6, 2023

We’ve reached the halfway point, and we’re going for more because this is just the beginning. Shall we continue? Absolutely!

décembre 5, 2023

The challenge for the 5th day is to run 5km on grass. That means, on a soft surface, allowing your legs to adapt to the variability of soft terrain.

décembre 4, 2023

For today’s challenge, the fourth in this uplifting series, the goal is to run 5 kilometers in the morning, as early as possible.