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Annecy, a unique mountain village and host of Maxi-Race

May 24, 2023

Featured image: The Thiou river crossing the town of Annecy. Credit: Rodrigo Lizama / Spartan Trail

Welcome to Annecy, a picturesque town nestled in the French Alps! Known as the “Venice of the Alps”, Annecy is surrounded by crystal-clear canals and charming old buildings that transport you back in time.

Get to know Maxi-Race Annecy, the gem around the lake

May 23, 2023

Featured image: The alps, the lake, the runners. Sums it all up. Credit: Maxi-Race / Cyrille Quintard

The 3rd Stop of the 2023 Spartan Trail World Championship is around the corner so, let’s talk a little about Maxi-Race.

Patagonia Run prepara la fiesta para 6000 participantes

April 12, 2023

Imagen destacada: Colores de otoño en Patagonia Run 2022, bajando del Cerro Colorado. Foto: Carlos Mir. 

San Martín de los Andes se prepara para recibir a casi 6000 corredores esta semana con su joya, Patagonia Run, que se afianza como el evento de trail running más grande de América.

So, what are you up to Spartan Trail?

April 1, 2023
Featured image: Transgrancanaria’s Marathon women’s podium. Credit: Transgrancanaria / Jordi Saragossa

April’s here! And no, no April fools joke. We’re getting closer to the second stop of our World Championship and we’d like to tell you a little bit about it. Take a read at what we’ve been working on since we jumped into trail running and what’s in the plans for this next couple weeks.

5 things to do in San Martin de los Andes

March 31, 2023

San Martin de los Andes is one of America’s trail paradise and, also, home of our own Patagonia Run.

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