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About Us

What Is Spartan Trail?

Ready to get moving? We’re here to bring more people to the sport of trail running everywhere. From events living together with Spartan’s Core Obstacle Course Racing, to World-Class renowned trail running events, there’s an option to join this magnificent sport with us.

Who are we?

First things first, the big question – who is behind Spartan Trail?

We’re a small team of passionate people working with the massive support of the lead company building endurance events in the world: Spartan. We believe the trail running experience should be shared everywhere with top quality events, bringing more people to the lifestyle and community of our sport.

Tour and Stopovers

Meet the Team

Trail Running is our passion, and we’ve been around for a couple years.

Mariano Alvarez

Spartan Trail General Manager


Race Director


Marketing Director


Race Director

Mauri Pagliacci

Product Director

Federica Talbot-Wright

Business Admin



Juan Pablo

Customer Service

Johnny Waite

Director of US Operations
Events for Everyone

What do we do?

Standalone Events

Classic trail races, mixing the Spartan prime experience with the magic of our sport. Stunning locations, fun courses, great service and security. Explore new cities and trails around the world through trail running.

Shared Events

If you are familiar with Obstacle Course Racing events, our Shared trail races live together with a Spartan festival Weekend adding one more challenge to be raced if you’re an avid Spartan racer. A great intro to your trail running journey if you’re coming from the OCR world, or an awesome chance to try your first Obstacle race if you’re a trail runner.

World Championship Events

Our top tier series of races – events in wonderful locations around the world, from Patagonia to Australia, with layover in the Canary Islands. Renowned global races like Transgrancanaria, Ultra Pirineu or Patagonia Run, growing events like Golden Gate Trail Classic or Brisbane Trail Ultra, and much more. The biggest prize purse in the sport for Elite runners, guaranteed first class events for every runner.