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So, what are you up to Spartan Trail?

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Featured image: Transgrancanaria’s Marathon women’s podium. Credit: Transgrancanaria / Jordi Saragossa

April’s here! And no, no April fools joke. We’re getting closer to the second stop of our World Championship and we’d like to tell you a little bit about it. Take a read at what we’ve been working on since we jumped into trail running and what’s in the plans for this next couple weeks.

In 2020 Spartan decided to invest in the sport we love by creating the Spartan Trail World Championship. The whole objective was, and still is, to help grow the community and the sport itself. This championship had three foundational pillars – Patagonia Run in Argentina, Transgrancanaria and Ultra Pirineu in Spain, three worldwide known races with many years of history, with extremely experienced race directors, and aiming together to develop the future of the sport.

Cerro Colorado during 2022 Patagonia Run. Photo: Diego Costantini.

Since day one, some already remarkable races around the world like Fjallmaraton, Brisbane Trail Ultra and Aconcagua Ultra Trail were also included, as well as new races created thanks to Spartan and its global partners – Golden Gate Trail Classic in the US, Borneo Trail Classic in Malaysia, Shinshiro Trail Classic in Japan. The possibilities are endless since Trail Running has been growing amazingly in the last few years, and every time more people are starting to run.

The immensity of the Pyrenees at Ultra Pirineu. Photo: Gerard Garcia.

Now we are at the start of the 3rd Season after two amazing years and one pandemic behind, and the Championship is getting nothing but stronger. In two weeks, San Martin de los Andes will host the 2nd Stop in Patagonia Run – A sold out race with almost 6000 people ready to run – and we couldn’t be more excited. We will keep working to make each race unique for both runners and spectators, respecting each races own spirit and soul, and making each competition weekend one to remember forever.

Pau Capell racing at the 2022 Patagonia Run 100 miles. Photo: Diego Winitzky.

Stay tuned as we get ready to announce the elite athletes participating in both Championship races, which will be the 100 miles and the 42k. Oh, and of course, the live coverage so you can tune in wherever you are and start dreaming of getting your feet in Patagonia’s starting line.

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