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Borneo Trail Classic, Milton Amat and Jane Wanjiru Muriuki took the 50k in the midst of the Malaysian trails

Napisao Spartan Trail dana .

Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, was the epicenter of the seventh stop of the Spartan Trail World Championship with over 700 runners across the five distances.

The Spartan Trail World Championship continues its journey in the world of trail running, approaching the end of the 2023 season.

This time, the setting was as exotic as it was captivating, traversing the trails of Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia, home to 27 ethnic groups. There, in the midst of the subtropical jungle, spectacular mountain ranges, and beautiful beaches, the Borneo Trail Classic had more than 700 runners across the five distances (50k, 21, 10, 7, and kids), with the 50k and 21k distances being part of the STWC 2023.

In the 50k, local runner Milton Amat emerged victorious with a time of 6h10m45s, ahead of his compatriots Daved Simpat (6h49m09s) and Wilsen Singgin (6h49m25s). Meanwhile, in the women’s category, Jane Wanjiru Muriuki, from Singapore, claimed victory with a time of 8h06m49s. The podium was completed by the philippines Sandi Menchi Abahan (8h27m49s) and Elizabeth Dangadang (8h57m07s).

In the 21k distance, the winner was local runner Mohd Azrin Shamsuddin (2h20m50s), followed by his compatriots Abang Jamadi (2h21m00s) and Liang Jung (2h21m56s). On the women’s side, the Malaysian Siet Fah Lim was the fastest, completing the distance in 3h01m04s, followed by the Chinese Xiaoqiang Niu (3h11m14s) and the local runner Catriona Watt (4h12m56s).

You can find all the results in this link.

The Spartan Trail World Championship calendar will continue on October 28 and 29 with the Shinshiro Trail Classic in Japan, and it will conclude with a series of races in San Francisco, California, including the Golden Gate Trail Classic on November 18 and 19.


The Spartan Trail World Championship (STWC) is a global championship with multiple stops around the world. Each race in the World Championship features multiple distances, with two of them selected to earn points in the final STWC ranking in their respective categories.

The STWC consists of two championships running simultaneously, with one corresponding to ULTRA (distances of 50 kilometers or more) and the other to TRAIL (distances up to 49 kilometers) in the participating events.

The 2023 season will have 9 events around the world, offering points for the final Championship ranking. Each event will have a valid distance for the ULTRA championship and another for the TRAIL championship. The events include Transgrancanaria, Patagonia Run, Maxi-Race Annecy, Brisbane Trail Ultra, Fjällmaraton, Salomon Ultra Pirineu, Borneo Trail Classic, Shinshiro Trail Classic, and Golden Gate Trail Classic. The STWC will have cash prizes for the overall rankings, both for men and women.

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