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Get to know Maxi-Race Annecy, the gem around the lake

Napisao Spartan Trail dana .

Featured image: The alps, the lake, the runners. Sums it all up. Credit: Maxi-Race / Cyrille Quintard

The 3rd Stop of the 2023 Spartan Trail World Championship is around the corner so, let’s talk a little about Maxi-Race.

Born in 2011, and hosted every year in the Medieval town of Annecy, Maxi Race du Lac d’Annecy has become one of the main races in the European calendar. With 1200 runners registered for the inaugural edition, this event has been growing immensely year after year to the point of reaching almost 9000 registrations for the 2018 edition.

Photo: Credit: Maxi-Race / Cyrille Quintard

The race has a variety of courses to choose from: The 17k Short Race with amazing views of Annecy Lake and Mont Baron. The Marathon with its classic ascent of the Pas de l’Aul. And the queen race, Maxi Race, with its 85k around the historic Tour du lac d’Annecy traversing the summit of Semnoz, the Col de la Forclaz, Menthon-Saint-Bernard and Mont Veyrier. Also the Orienteering Club of Annecy organizes Orienteering races on the weekend.

Credit: Maxi-Race / Cyrille Quintard

This year Maxi Race joined our World Championship with the Marathon and the Maxi Race being part of our Trail and Ultra Championships respectively, and despite finally being in race week, we can’t wait to be there.

Credit: Maxi-Race / Cyrille Quintard

The race has been sold out for months and thousands of runners will be stepping into the starting line on May 27-28 to experience and traverse through one of the 3 courses by themselves. 

You can read more at Maxi-Race website: 2023 edition – MaXi-Race du lac d’Annecy 

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