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5 things to do in San Martin de los Andes

Written by Spartan Trail on .

San Martin de los Andes is one of America’s trail paradise and, also, home of our own Patagonia Run.

The 2nd stop of the 2023 Spartan Trail World Championship is around the corner and, surely, you already are thinking of what to do during your stay. Here’s some help with five things you can’t miss in San Martin de los Andes that don’t involve running (or at least not that much).

1. Cerro Chapelco

Cerro Chapelco during 2022 Patagonia Run. Photo: Carlos Mir.

An stunning trail, hiking, and mountain biking destination in the summer, as well as an incredible and worldwide known ski center in the cold winter.

Where is it? Directions to Cerro Chapelco


That’s it. That’s the place. Store-front of Mamusia, our favorite chocolate store in San Martin.

Surely you’ve heard about Argentina and it’s chocolate – and believe us, it’s true – Argentina has one of the best homemade chocolates. You should definitely give it a try. Choose from a variety of factories, styles, flavors, and even shapes. We’ll be just past the Easter season, so you’ll find chocolate eggs in every size you can think of. We recommend taking a look to Mamusia, our favorite chocolate factory:

Where is it? Directions to Mamusia


A small paradise in the heart of Patagonia. Photo: Leo Casanova

This magical place is a 30km car ride away from the city’s center. It’s a natural peninsula with 5 different beaches to choose from. You have a daytime area, as well as a magnificent view and some crystal clear water. May be too late for a dip in the water, but your eyes will remember it forever.

Where is it? Directions to Yuco

4. 7 Lakes Road

One of the best roads in the world, period. Photo: NeuquenTur

This 110KM road starts in San Martin de los Andes and finishes in Villa la Angostura, and it unites 7 unique & different lakes. Each lake has its own beauty, and you can go camping at every one of them. But the fact of at least driving through that road will make your trip all worthit.

Where does it start? Directions to 7 Lakes Road Start

5. Ñivinco Waterfalls

A hidden gem that you must not miss. Photo: Mauri Pagliacci

This waterfalls are located halfway through the 7 Lakes Road. Park your car, and just after a little 4km hike you will find an amazing set of waterfalls waiting for you to spend the day doing nothing but enjoying the views and nature of the place.

Where is it? Directions to Ñivinco Waterfalls

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