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DECEMBER 15 / 2024







5ºC / 41ºF


1.200 Mts. /3.930 ft.





Charming Morzine welcomes you for this third edition of the Spartan Winter Trail.

Full of snow or not yet at this time you will run on the snow as the track will be along ski slopes and altitude forest.

The variety of the terrain, the unpredictable conditions and fabulous landscapes make this destination a one on his own!



Event’s frequently asked questions and important information.


Sunday 15th December:

  • 7:30-9:30: Trail Registration pick-up at Tourism Office.
  • 9:00: Start 21K.
  • 10:00: Start 10K.
  • 13:00: Awards Ceremony.
Arrival & Start Times
  • Arrive 90 minutes before your start time. This gives you plenty of time to park, pick up your registration packet, drop your stuff at bag check, and get warmed up. Check registration schedules in the Athlete Guide.
  • Your exact start time is listed on your confirmation email. There is only one start heat per race format.
What to bring / What to wear
  • What to bring
    • A special liste of mandatory items will be sent a few weeks prior to the event.
    • Your ID and Barcode (print or save your registration barcode to your phone). Find out how to find it HERE.
    • Towel & extra (dry) clothes.
    • If you are under 18 on race day, please bring a signed consent form from your parents/legal guardian.
    • Water, gels, bars, headlamp, anything you think you will need for your race (Camelbacks are authorized).
  • What to wear
    • Dress in performance gear (not cotton). Think compression bottoms and breathable tops made from water wicking material. Wear comfortable shoes that you’ve trained in.
    • Gear up for race day at the Spartan Shop.
    Athlete Guide
    • The Athlete Guide includes everything you need to know about the race. It will be available a few weeks before the race. Stay tuned!
      • Here is the link of the rulebook, ready it carefully.
        Are there any obstacles during the Trail?
        • No. This is traditional trail running.
        • Sometimes you might end with a fire jump, but this is celebratory and not any different to jumping over a small fallen tree. You can also circle around it.
          Services that are included in your registration
          • A race organized on a professional level.
          • A Spartan “Finisher” shirt (only if you finish!).
          • A Spartan “Finisher” medal (only if you finish).
          • A Trailfecta slice attached to the Trail finisher medal: win 3 of them (1 per distance) during one Trailfecta year (during a calendar year) to complete and be part of the Trifecta tribe.
          • A Festival area with animations and good vibes.
          • An “After Finish” aid station.
          • Aid stations along the race.
          • Chip timing for event, result and rankings.
          • Bragging rights.
          • Parking areas.
          • Back check (small bags will collected next to the start line and bring them to the finish line).
          • Scrapes and bruises, stories, stories and more stories!
            Ranking and Prize money
            • This race will feature 2 main rankings, each of it applied to Males & Females:
              • Overall (results based on every participant’s final time after crossing the finish line).
                • The Top 3 overall (M/F) will be awarded with the DELTA trophy.
                • The top 3 overall finishers are not eligible for Age Group awards.
              • Age Group (the overall results divided by age category)
                • The Top 3 finishers in each age group per each distance will receive a unique finisher medal (gold, silver, bronze).
                • The AG categories available at Spartan trail are: 18-29/ 30-39 / 40-49 / 50-59 / 60+.
            • A Prize Money could be distributed. It will be announced before the race.
            Mandatory Equipment
            • Each race distance has its own mandatory equipment. For detailed information and any updates, we suggest reading the Athlete Guide and emails sent before the race.
            Terms & conditions / Insurance
            • Insurance: Spartan Race is a risky event. You must be insured in the best way. As Spartan Race does not belong to any sport federation, sport licenses are not valid for individual insurance purposes during our events. It is your personal responsibility to be sure that you are properly covered. Organizers may propose daily insurance.


            • Medical Certificate: A medical certificate is mandatory to race. If you need, you can print this medical certificate template HERE.
              • Terms & Conditions: Please read HERE the Terms & Conditions document.
              Race photos
              • After the race, you’ll be able to access your photos and videos on our website. You will receive more information by email at the appropriate time. Thanks to our photo partner SPORTOGRAF for the beautiful pictures of the race. Put prominently your bib number to be automatically recognized by the photo and video system.
              Practical information, Festival & Spectators
              • Practical information, Festival & Spectators 
                  • Parking: Parking will be available close to the venue. More informations will be sent a few days before the race.
                  • Relief and Supply: A first-aid post will be placed at the end of the race with water, bandages and a loan ambulance service to respond quickly to any part of the course. In the case of an accident, there are race officials posted who can use the emergency radio to summon help immediately. You are allowed to take with you your supply of water and food if you estimate you need it. The organization will set up supplies of water on the course but you should not rely only on it to hydrate you. Don’t hesitate to take water, gels, and bars with you AND keep all rubbish with you!

              • Festival: Opening on Friday afternoon for pre race packet pick-up, the Festival will welcome you all over the weekend for different activities:
                • Merchandise shop.
                • Music.
                • Bars and food.
                • Start and finish line.
                • All our partners and exhibitors.

              • Spectators: Bring your friends and family to the race to watch you dominating the finish line and receiving your medal! Come and enjoy an extraordinary experience through a day coupled with different activities in the Festival area, the Spartan Kids race or the opportunity to enjoy watching your family moving through the course.



              Check out the stunning video from last year’s edition.