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Day 0 – Intro – 12 Days of 5Ks

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Running in the heart of nature is undoubtedly one of the best challenges any runner can undertake. The surrounding beauty transforms the environment into a perfect experience that surprises, captivates, and invites you to put one foot in front of the other, and another, and another… as your senses are set free to the fullest.

Trail running is a challenge where the earth, lush trees, climbs and descents on technical terrain, mud (sometimes), rocks, branches, and more, make the essence of living the mountains with its infinite possibilities and difficulties because the mountain is an ever-changing place.

No more, no less. That’s trail running, a growing discipline that brings runners to embrace a joyful journey. In all cases, the key is to do it wisely and orderly, especially appreciating all variables like the surface, elevation, speed, and time of day. In trail running, care is the primary key to completing this activity that, for many, is a way of life.

Here, essential elements are mandatory (shoes, technical clothing, hydration backpack, food, carrying your phone for safety, among many others) to truly experience the connection with nature.

That’s why we propose running 5 kilometers for 12 consecutive days but focusing on one topic each day so you can start and begin trail running. Are you up for it? Shall we do it together? Come on, let’s go, this is just the beginning!

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