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Day 1 – Surface: Solid Terrain – 12 Days of 5Ks

Written by Spartan Trail on .

For the first day, the proposal is simple: run at a gentle and comfortable pace, covering 5 kilometers on a homogeneous and solid surface—compacted dirt, to be precise.

Do you have a nearby space where you can create a similar circuit? The idea is for you to kick off this challenge of running 5 kilometers for 12 consecutive days. In each training session, aim to add a new level to your progression towards running your first trail race.

The premise is to gradually experience the sensations you’re likely to encounter when you sign up for a race. The essential focus is on building endurance and stamina, with the loads always progressing.

In summary, the idea is to go from less to more, strengthening your legs, body, and mind to endure the effort and energy expenditure that trail running entails. It’s time to run. Come on, let’s run together! And don’t forget to leave your comments afterward…

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